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Developments will Create Thousands of Jobs, While Bringing New Housing, Shopping, Restaurants, and Office Space to Detroit

Detroit has seen remarkable progress in recent years, and Olympia Development has been a part of the positive growth with several projects recently completed, including:

  • Little Caesars Arena and adjacent event space Chevrolet Plaza
  • Google office space at 52 Henry Street, bringing the company from Birmingham to Detroit
  • Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University
  • Little Caesars World Headquarters on Woodward Avenue
  • Columbia Street shopping and restaurant offerings: The M Den and Frita Batidos, with more to follow in 2020
  • Woodward Avenue median beautification through The District Detroit
  • Temple Street, Little Caesars Arena and D Garages which further reduce surface parking lot needs, improve traffic and safety

Looking forward, this momentum will continue into 2020 and beyond. The team at Olympia Development of Michigan is excited to engage and share what is on the horizon in The District Detroit: new jobs for Detroiters and Michiganders, affordable housing in the city, areas for small businesses to grow and thrive, and ongoing community engagement.

Thousands of New Jobs for Detroiters and Michiganders

Several upcoming previously announced developments are projected to create more than 4,000 local construction and construction-related jobs and 4,300 local permanent jobs, in addition to the more than 20,000 construction and construction-related and 4,000 permanent jobs already created through Olympia Development projects over the past 5 years. These developments will also contribute millions of dollars in workforce training in the city of Detroit.

Upcoming Residential and Affordable Housing

To meet the growing demand for new housing options for Detroiters, affordable and market-rate housing work will begin shortly at the historic building at 150 Bagley Street. This project is led by Detroit-based Bagley Development Group and will bring an estimated 148 new residential units, of which 20% will be dedicated to affordable housing. In addition, the ongoing redevelopment of the historic former Eddystone Hotel at 110 Sproat Street is set for completion in Fall 2021. Located in a highly desirable location near Little Caesars Arena, this redevelopment will bring 96 new residential units of which 20% will be dedicated to affordable housing.

Office, Shopping and Restaurant Spaces

The restoration of the historic former Women’s City Club at 2110 Park Avenue is well underway, and will be the home for Spaces – an emerging and dynamic co-working space company. Pre-construction planning is actively proceeding at the Albert Kahn-designed office building at 1922 Cass Avenue. And construction continues at 2715 Woodward Avenue, which will include the recently announced Detroit headquarters for Boston Consulting Group.

Blocks away, pre-construction planning continues at 111 Henry Street and 120 Henry Street. Both will add office, shopping and restaurant destinations, bringing new vitality and invigorating the heart of the district. The locations are slated for Fall 2021 completion.

Community Outreach and Engagement

Keeping community members informed about these current and future projects is an important aspect of the ongoing work at The District Detroit. Olympia Development continues to actively initiate meetings with local non-profits, residents, neighbors and businesses.

“These meetings will provide us a chance to talk about the jobs, opportunity and exciting potential that our work is bringing to Detroit, but more importantly, a chance to listen to members of the community,” said Rian Barnhill, Olympia Development of Michigan’s new Vice President of Government Affairs and Community Relations. “We recognize that these projects can have a significant impact on the city, and we want to hear firsthand what people have to say.”

On the Horizon

Steady and balanced construction to date has been focused along Woodward Ave, Temple and Park. Beyond the seven upcoming major projects, Olympia Development is also on track to submit development agreements to the Downtown Development Authority for 26 parcels which are expected to bring additional projects along Third and Fourth Street near Temple in lower Midtown, and on Henry Street near Park Avenue. The time period for approved development agreements for these parcels is September 2022.

Further transforming the city and neighborhoods, the potential for these parcels is great and Olympia Development leaders take the responsibility seriously. In the next few years, the team will work in collaboration with community and city leaders to carefully assess and identify innovative and impactful options. Whether the projects ultimately are residential, retail, office or green and open spaces – or a combination – they will ultimately bring new jobs, new opportunities and new energy throughout Detroit.

“The District Detroit is an emerging epicenter for sports and entertainment in the heart of the city – offering residents and visitors alike a diverse array of new destinations and experiences,” said Keith Bradford, senior vice president, Olympia Development of Michigan. “We remain committed to building on that momentum in the District and beyond. We are thrilled about the projects we have completed and are exceptionally optimistic about the promise and potential of those that have recently commenced. All of our projects will stay true to the unique character of the city, while creating the jobs, opportunities, destinations and experiences Detroiters deserve. Good things are happening in our city, and we have no doubt that even greater things lie ahead.”