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New headquarters features one-of-kind architectural glass facade

With final and finishing touches underway at the new Little Caesars World Headquarters, Little Caesars employees are already working inside this one-of-a-kind structure. This amazing building features a one-of-a-kind front glass façade — a window wall of curved triangular panes held together with nearly invisible brackets — creating an iconic and eye catching structure that everyone on Woodward can see. Highly skilled engineers and architects, glassmakers and tradesmen worked together to place more than 150 individual panes of glass on the building, each sealed and stacked separate from the next.

Thanks to a thoughtful and strategic design process, the Little Caesars World Headquarters will join the ranks of Detroit’s architectural gems, upholding our city’s legacy for important and meaningful design. Little Caesars looks forward to a grand opening once all the details are complete!