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Little Caesars now delivers! A new milestone has been reached in Little Caesars tremendous 60-year history, bringing the best value, quality and convenience to its customers. Now pizza fans nationwide can order their favorite Little Caesars pizzas and sides using the mobile app or website, and track their delivery turn-by-turn — all for the same price as carry out.

“Little Caesars has always been driven by the customer,” said Little Caesars President and CEO David Scrivano. “The customer is number one and we’ve always been able to serve that customer a great pizza at a great price. Now we’re going to be able to do that through delivery. For the first time in our history, we found a way to integrate the technology to give our customers the best experience: the lowest price, highest quality, most conveniently delivered pizza in the industry.”

Little Caesars delivery service is uniquely bolstered by the company’s award-winning Pizza Portal®, a heated, self-service mobile order pick-up station, which keeps orders hot and secure until pick-up.  Complete integration between the Little Caesars point-of-sale systems and app, as well as the Pizza Portal pickups and hot bag equipped drivers ensure products are picked up within minutes of being ready and arrive fresh. Integration also ensures a smooth experience for our franchisees.

Customers use the Little Caesars app or website to order ahead, pre-pay, and then choose pick-up or delivery. The app notifies the delivery driver when the order is ready. Then the delivery driver bypasses the store counter, conveniently collects the order using Pizza Portal® pickup, and delivers to the customer. And, customers can GPS track their order from store to door.

Little Caesars delivery service is available only on its app and website, and powered through DoorDash Drive as the exclusive last mile delivery partner. The partnership brings together DoorDash’s expertise with quick, reliable on-demand delivery, and Little Caesars quality, convenience and value to offer more ways than ever to enjoy Little Caesars products.