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For more than 60 years, innovation, entrepreneurship and resolve have been foundational pillars of the Ilitch organization — one that has long prided itself on its ability to swiftly adapt to meet the evolving needs of customers, local communities and employees. 

Seeing a significant need for a reliable supply of protective face masks to help ensure health and safety, the Ilitch companies mobilized to set up a mask manufacturing facility and are training a core group of current employees on production. With an estimated output of 60,000 masks per day, the facility will soon supply masks to employees, franchisees, customers, fans and guests. These crucial masks will also be donated to community groups and organizations that need them. 

In addition to mask production, the organization will continue to explore the evolving needs and demands of today’s changing marketplace. Dedicated teams will continue to actively research and ideate, with a focus on developing products and services that enhance safety, well-being and the consumer experience.