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Little Caesars Delivery Now Available on Both Little Caesars and DoorDash Apps Nationwide

Little Caesars and DoorDash announced a major expansion of their exclusive partnership, extending the availability of Little Caesars delivery to the DoorDash app and website. Little Caesars delivery, already available directly through the Little Caesars app and website in the U.S. and Canada, will now also be available on DoorDash’s third-party delivery marketplace for the first time.

“Little Caesars is committed to providing quality, convenience and value to our customers, which is why earlier this year, we partnered with DoorDash to make fast and affordable Little Caesars delivery possible through the Little Caesars app and website,” Ed Gleich, senior vice president of innovation at Little Caesars, said. “Today, we’re excited to expand our product availability to the DoorDash app so pizza lovers can have even more options for having America’s Best Value delivered right to their door.”

The news comes nearly 10 months after the two companies teamed up to offer delivery through the Little Caesars app and website for the first time in Little Caesars’ 60-year history. Little Caesars delivery has been powered by DoorDash Drive since day one, pairing DoorDash’s quick, reliable on-demand delivery with Little Caesars quality, convenience and value.

Little Caesars offers contactless options for both delivery and carry-out through the Little Caesars app and website, and now also through the DoorDash app. Little Caesars is home of the Pizza Portal®, an order pickup method where customers can scan their phones and retrieve their orders from heated compartments, making the brand the only national chain to feature this type of contactless pickup in stores across the country.

“During this unprecedented time, DoorDash’s goal has been to empower its partners to build and grow their off-premise channels, whether through their own app, in-store with pickup, or through our marketplace,” Toby Espinosa, Vice President of Business Development at DoorDash, said. “The HOT-N-READY® model was built on ease, value, and efficiency, and we’re proud to expand our exclusive partnership with Little Caesars to continue to build a lasting off-premise strategy that matches the legacy they’ve worked decades to achieve.”

Customers getting pizza delivered will experience a contactless drop-off of their order. The chain has also reinforced cleanliness and sanitization procedures, increasing the frequency of cleaning commonly touched surfaces including door handles, glass, countertops, Pizza Portal surfaces, phones, and cash registers. Pizzas are baked in 475-degree ovens and are never touched after baking.