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Roz Keith is the founder and executive director of Stand with Trans, an organization dedicated to providing transgender youth and their families with the resources, support and community that they so desperately need and deserve. Because of the incredible work Roz has done within the LGBTQ+ community, she is being celebrated by the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings as the second Pride Month Game Changers honoree.

Roz founded Stand with Trans after her child, then 13 years old, told Roz that they were transgender. It became clear, Roz said, that there was a lot that needed to be done regarding support and resources available to transgender youth and their families.

“When we made the decision as a family to start telling our story publicly, other families started coming out of the woodwork,” Roz said. “Other parents were saying: ‘I can relate to what you’re going through’ and ‘your son reminds me of my son.’ There was just this this outpouring of people who were in the same boat that we were in.”

“Often, the most impactful organizations begin similar to that of Roz and her family — turning a personal moment into a movement that ignites positive change,” Kevin Brown, Red Wings and Tigers director of community impact, said. “Stand with Trans is helping fill a need in our community by providing tools and connectivity that create an environment where transgender youth feel supported.”

Previously, the Red Wings and Comerica Bank have celebrated Game Changers for Black History Month and Women’s Appreciation Month. Now, the Tigers have joined the Red Wings and Comerica Bank to celebrate Pride Month and share stories across their platforms of Game Changers throughout Detroit. Those recognized provide access, opportunity and year-round support to young people in our community who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. 

Last week, the Tigers and Red Wings celebrated Officer Dani Woods as Pride Month Game Changers Honoree.

Learn more about Game Changers and the Pride Month honorees at NHL.com/RedWings/Equality and Tigers.com/Equality.