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“Pass-It-Forward” Promotion Allows Fans to Re-Direct Labatt Blue Light Beer Rebates Toward Restoration of Rinks.

Labatt Blue Light has teamed up with the Detroit Red Wings Foundation to “Pass-It-Forward” and invest to improve community ice rinks across the state of Michigan. During the month of December, fans who purchase a Labatt 24-pack will have the option to receive an $8 rebate from Labatt USA, or they can choose to forego it, and Labatt USA will redirect the rebate to the Detroit Red Wings Foundation. Labatt USA and the Detroit Red Wings will also make separate donations to the Detroit Red Wings Foundation. With the rebates and corporate donations, up to $30,000 in funds will be available to restore ice rinks for local communities and recreational hockey players.

“Throughout Michigan, Labatt Blue Light and hockey go hand-in-hand,” said Scott Suppes, Labatt trade marketing manager. “With such a loyal base of Labatt drinkers and hockey fans across the state, this program allows Labatt to support the communities that drink our beer. Partnering with the Detroit Red Wings Foundation, we look forward to restoring rinks for hockey players and Michigan residents to enjoy.”

“Joining forces on this new Pass-It-Forward promotion provides an exciting opportunity to help rinks throughout Michigan gain access to vital improvement funds,” said Kevin Brown, director of community impact for the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers “Together with Labatt Blue Light and generous Red Wings fans, we’ll continue to grow the legacy of Hockeytown in cities and towns across our great state.”

According to Arrowhead Promotions, an industry leader in promotions working with Labatt Blue Light on this initiative, localizing donations through rebates is a unique endeavor.

“Arrowhead Promotion administers thousands of promotions each year for our clients, and rarely do we see marketing efforts designed to not only promote their brand but also to demonstrate their commitment to make the world a better place,” said Bud Schneider, Arrowhead Promotion & Fulfillment President. “Arrowhead Promotion and Fulfillment Co is proud to partner with Labatt Blue Light on this Pass-it-Forward promotion.”

The Detroit Red Wings Foundation will provide an opportunity for ice rinks in Michigan to apply for improvement grants from the Pass-It-Forward promotion in early 2022. Details regarding eligibility and the application process will be released after the retail promotion has concluded.