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Olympia Development’s historic Eddystone residences, located in the heart of The District Detroit, welcomed its first residents late last year. The former hotel was meticulously restored to retain the exquisite details of the 100-year-old building while offering modern touches in the 92 apartments – 20 percent of which are designated for affordable housing. 

“Detroit is unique, and so is the Eddystone. Preserving the beautiful, iconic brickwork and ornate interiors allows us to restore it as a part of the fabric of the community,” said Rian English Barnhill, Vice President of Government and Community Affairs for Olympia Development of Michigan. “It’s preserving the past and also acknowledging where we’re going in the future.” 

Barnhill is constantly engaging with Detroiters: from business leaders and families to nonprofits, who express a rising demand for housing. She works to ensure that feedback from her conversations is considered as Olympia Development develops properties like the Eddystone that are inclusive and thoughtful of residents already here. 

“We want this area to be vibrant and come to life; and you do that through residential housing,” said Barnhill. 

Learn more about Olympia Development’s plans for the Eddystone residences as we sit down with Barnhill in a one-on-one video interview; and learn more about the Eddystone at https://EddystoneDetroit.com/