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Bringing wide-ranging improvements to both the player and fan experience, the Tigers are upgrading to state-of-the-art LED lighting at Comerica Park. Utilizing an industry-leading lighting company, 472 new light fixtures will be installed atop the ballpark that produce a brighter light with less glare and the ability to create dynamic light shows.

“This upgrade is a significant one because of the impact it will have to all who watch Detroit Tigers baseball,” said Chris McGowan, President and CEO of Ilitch Sports and Entertainment. “From improving playing conditions and ball-tracking to innovative light shows that will help enhance the energy and buzz at the ballpark, this project was a focus for us to continue providing a first-class fan experience at Comerica Park moving into 2023 and beyond.”

The LED system delivers light more precisely than the previous system that was in place at Comerica Park, meaning light will be directed where it is needed to limit wasted energy. This system will allow for more controlled lighting conditions in better uniformity that benefits players (reduced glare and improved ball-tracking) and fans (crisp viewing experience both at the ballpark and on television). 

In addition to lowering energy usage and maximizing the playing and viewing experience, the light controls can create special effects with the system switching on and off immediately, enabling the usage of the lights to celebrate victories or sync up with music.

This enhancement also has benefits from a sustainability standpoint, as additional lighting controls throughout the ballpark impacts far more than just the field. This will help the Tigers continued effort to reduce energy during all events at the ballpark.

Musco Sports Lighting is an industry-leading company and is heading the project, while Detroit’s own Bayview Electric Company serves as the installers for the lights. Due to numerous factors including the height of the project, helicopters will be used to remove existing fixtures and lift new ones into position at the top of the ballpark. This process will begin on December 12 with the removal of existing fixtures, while installation of the LED system is scheduled for later this off-season. 

The entire project is scheduled to be completed prior to the 2023 season and be operational for Opening Day, which is April 6 against Boston.