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Tyler Hardy, Director of Development for Olympia Development of Michigan, realized early in her career that she had the skillset and passion to positively impact cities through large-scale urban planning and development. Hardy started out working in graphic design and marketing for major travel destinations, and through that work naturally gravitated to the development side of the business. 

“When I graduated from undergrad, I was a lead designer for clients like SeaWorld, Wet ‘n Wild, and Busch Gardens. It was through that work that I began to understand that even simple things such as the colors we use can influence how people navigate a destination. I became fascinated by design on a psychological level,” said Hardy, who says her early professional experiences inspired her to pursue a Masters in Urban Planning. “I would think about what design would look like on a larger scale and how we could intervene consciously in the design of cities to make them a better place.” 

Hardy spent five years working at the City of Detroit in the planning, and housing and revitalization departments before moving to Olympia Development in 2022. 

“We are so lucky to have Tyler as part of the Olympia Development team. She brings experience, passion and willingness to continuously learn. Tyler also tirelessly works to improve the community,” said Stefan Stration, Vice President of Development at Olympia Development of Michigan. 

Working in The District Detroit has strengthened Hardy’s commitment to the local community. One way this comes to life is through her work with Project Destined – a hands-on real estate internship program — on behalf of Olympia Development to mentor Detroit students. 

“Project Destined is an incredible program that’s fostering the next generation of talent, and it is a privilege to engage with the students,” said Hardy. “It’s priceless to see the faces light up as I answer questions and speak about my journey. Sometimes all we need is to see a representation of ourselves in the places and spaces we hope to someday occupy.”