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  • Exciting new product is offered HOT-N-READY all day, every day for just $32.900 and is available across all locations in Bogota and Cali

Little Caesars Pizza,® the third largest pizza chain in the world1,  marks its third year in Colombia with the introduction of an exciting new product:  Cheesy Crust Pizza with cheese border.   This cheesy new addition to the menu is available in stores beginning August 1 for just $32.900.

Known for its unique HOT-N-READY model, which allows customers to be in and out of the restaurant within moments – Little Caesars is committed to offering high-quality pizzas at an all-day, everyday value. Little Caesars continues to delight pizza lovers with unique and mouth-watering creations, and this latest addition to its menu is far from ordinary. The pizza boasts a crust filled with cheese and is topped off with a delectable layer of garlic butter and parmesan cheese on the crust. It’s a flavor combination that will entice and impress even the most discerning pizza connoisseurs.

But the Cheesy Crust pizza isn’t just about delivering an exceptional taste experience. The brand’s dedication to affordability and convenience remains at the forefront, with the new product offered at a price of just $32.900 and available HOT-N-READY all day, every day. 

“Cheesy Crust is a beloved product in many other Little Caesars markets and we’re so excited to launch it for the first time in Colombia,” says Andres de Robina, Vice President of International for Little Caesars Pizza. “Customers will be able to walk in and out of our stores with a fresh, delicious HOT-N-READY Cheesy Crust pizza all day, which is perfect for busy on-the-go customers as well as the convenience of our Auto-Pizza. They will not have to sacrifice a quality product for quick, on-the-go service.” 

The launch of the Cheesy Crust pizza in celebration of the brand’s third anniversary in Colombia and one year anniversary in Cali is a testament to the dedication to bring Little Caesars to more customers across Colombia. Over the last three years, Little Caesars has opened more than a dozen locations in Bogota and Cali and will open its newest location in a new city in Chia later next month. 

“It’s been an incredible three years since we opened our doors in August of 2020. It’s been amazing to see how customers have embraced Little Caesars in Colombia, and we’re excited to continue to open more locations that will serve more guests throughout the country,” says Jaime Press, Country Manager for the franchisee in Colombia. “And what better way to celebrate this milestone than with the introduction of Cheesy Crust that is sure to delight our customers!”

Cheesy Crust will be offered as a large pepperoni pizza (35.5cm) in the stores located in Bogota (El Dorado, Calle 127, Calle 134, Calle 170, Restrepo, Javeriana, Kennedy, Lagartos, Madelena, NQS) and Cali (Roosevelt, Plaza de Toros, Caney y Avenida Sexta A), and will cost $32.900 pesos. Customers can also be purchased via the delivery app, Rappi (prices may vary using the app). 

For more information, visit: https://co.littlecaesars.com