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Sherrié Savage has been drawing since she was 4 years old. Coming from a creative family, she was encouraged to use art as an outlet throughout her life. Now, as multimedia designer at Little Caesars Enterprises, Savage utilizes her talents to create graphics, drawings, animations and other forms of art. While her inherent creativity is evident in her professional work, many of Savage’s colleagues were unaware of her passion for art and the extent of her skills.

To highlight personal artwork by colleagues like Savage, Little Caesars established the LC Colleague Art Gallery, located in a shared space on the third floor of the Little Caesars World Headquarters.

Savage, whose creations are currently on display in the building, finds it important to see herself in her art while allowing others to do the same. 

“I love to see other people happy about my work because it means they can relate to it. It makes me want to keep going as an artist – in and outside of work – so others can feel like they’re being represented,” said Savage. 

One of Savage’s works on display in the LC Colleague Art Gallery, titled, “It’s not you, it’s the shoes,” was initially featured in Design Core Detroit’s Month of Design in September 2022 through an exhibit sponsored by Footlocker. The canvas, created with acrylic paint, was also displayed at Lawrence Tech University in Southfield before finding a home in the Little Caesars World Headquarters, which gave Savage an immense sense of pride. Another representation of Savage’s artistic work is her series of coloring books dedicated to celebrating Black culture, “Naturally ILLustrated,” that are sold in local Meijer stores.

Like Savage, additional Little Caesars colleagues are selected to have their work displayed through a submission process and reviewed by the internal curation department. 

“The Little Caesars World Headquarters is truly a masterpiece, with special touches and details throughout the building. The gallery is a wonderful addition, designed to celebrate the talents of our incredible colleagues and create a welcoming and creative space for all. We are proud to have such a unique and inspiring initiative for everyone to enjoy,” said Cindy Olsen, Director of Curation and Content Activation, Ilitch Holdings, Inc. 

Another colleague whose artwork has been featured is Jaime Pescia, Vice President of Global Creative & Brand Engagement for Little Caesars Enterprises.

“People have talents about which we may have no idea, and this dedicated space gives us an opportunity to showcase them in a fun and engaging way while creating connection amongst colleagues,” said Pescia.

“My artwork was a series combining watercolor and collage,” said Pescia. “Initially I ripped it up because I was being too formal about it. Ripping it up gave me freedom to create more. The work turned into a representation of the emotion of looking at patterns, texture and color palette.”

A look at Savage’s and Pescia’s work can be seen in the photos below.