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With a continued focus on culinary innovation, accessibility and speed, Little Caesars launched their inaugural POD-style restaurant in Keokuk, Iowa, on December 12, 2023. 

Unique from other standalone Little Caesars restaurants, the modular buildings, known as PODs, are about 800-square-feet, comprised of modular shipping container units. Manufacturing of the units is completed off-site by Las Vegas-based modular construction company, Kitchen Podular. The completed PODS are then shipped to their respective location for a basic setup that takes less than 30 minutes to assemble. 

The completion process at the POD’s final destination then focuses on the installation of the window glass, signage, and inside equipment, with the entire on-site process from start to finish taking about three months. This approach reduces construction time, and minimizes the impact on the surrounding community, aligning with Little Caesars commitment to environmentally friendly practices and community-centric projects.

“The quick service restaurant industry is evolving and more competitive than ever before. To continue to be top of mind with consumers and prospective franchisees, it’s important that we invest in new restaurant designs and technology to advance current practices and streamline operations,” said Bryan Ketelhut, Little Caesars national director of non-traditional and development services. “The new PODs are the perfect addition to the list of Little Caesars restaurant models, helping us further differentiate our concept from others in the QSR and pizza segments.” 

Advancing Little Caesars ongoing goals of convenience and prompt service, the POD-style restaurant features a layout tailored for both drive-thru and walk-up formats. While the PODs feature a smaller physical and environmental footprint, they still offer Little Caesars full menu. The units only require two to three employees to operate the restaurant and can accommodate additional on-site staff at peak times, ensuring Little Caesars commitment to quality and efficiency is upheld. 

This expansion continues to respond to the growing demand for Little Caesars restaurants and positions the brand as a leader in innovative dining experiences.