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More than just a celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), this year’s STEM Day – the first one at LCA since COVID – was a testament to the power of collaboration and community support. Chevrolet, in partnership with the Detroit Red Wings, presented a generous $30,000 donation to DPSCD Foundation, kickstarting a day filled with learning and excitement for over 100 students and educators from Clippert Multicultural Academy in Detroit.

Grace Nord, assistant manager of Motorsports Marketing & Activation for Chevrolet’s GM Motorsports, expressed delight in being a part of the event. “We’re really happy to be here. It’s one of our favorite days of the year,” she said. “This event connects Chevrolet with students who have an interest in STEM and we hope supporting the event and showing students all that goes into making a vehicle from a STEM perspective will pique their curiosity to take their passion for the subject into a future career in the industry.”

The collaboration extended beyond Chevrolet and the Detroit Red Wings, with EverFi also playing a vital role. Jackie Bartolomeo, Associate Director of Customer Success at EverFi, highlighted the educational impact of events like STEM Day. “We’re excited to be here with Clippert Multicultural Academy’s sixth-grade students to bring concepts to life,” said Bartolomeo, who emphasized the broader benefits of the program. “It’s aligned with state standards, it helps students prepare for state exams; and, with our partnerships with the local NHL clubs in each of the markets, we are able to give them additional opportunities such as STEM day like today… we’re so grateful to our partners from the Detroit Red Wings to Chevrolet for being able to fund this opportunity for students who are interested in learning more about STEM and able to experience the sport.”

The highlight of the day was not just the engaging activities but also the impact of the donation. The $30,000 donation from Chevrolet and the Detroit Red Wings to DPSCD Foundation underscores their dedication to supporting STEM education in the community. 

“My students are learning about STEM and getting experiences that they probably wouldn’t get otherwise,” said Tracy Ortiz, a sixth-grade science and STEM lab teacher at Clippert Multicultural Academy.

STEM Day at LCA, established in 2018, has become a beacon of educational enrichment and collaboration. It provides students with hands-on experiences that bridge classroom learning with real-world applications, fostering a deeper appreciation for STEM subjects.

“It’s exciting for the kids to just be able to come get on the ice to shoot the pucks and get the experience of being in this building; and to connect some of the things that we’ve been talking about in the science classroom to sports,” said Ortiz.